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Game of Thrones dedicated blog.

"In this world only winter is certain. We may lose our heads, it's true... but what if we prevail?" - Ned Stark


Please, if anyone has anything to say about my post, please message me. I’d really like to talk about it. No, I am not “for” the “rape” scene. I just personally don’t think the scene was displaying as much flat out rape as everyone is making it out to be. The scene in the books is pretty fucked up to honestly. I mean… they’re brother and sister having sex next to their spawn of incest’s corpse. there really isn’t a good way of looking at it. Maybe I’m just trying to defend Jaime who’s one of my fav characters


so I just wanna give my 2 cents on the whole “altar scene” with Jaime and Cersei. every single reaction I’ve seen to it so far is extremely negative, saying that they changed the book scene from consensual sex into full on rape. this is such a fucking overreaction. Yes, it was maybe slightly more rapey in the show than the books, but it wasn’t over the top. In the books, Cersei even says something along the lines of “not here, not now” to Jaime, who still continues with it. (granted, she also conveys her lust for him in that scene). In the show, if you even watch Cersei’s body language and what she’s doing, she isn’t putting up much of a fight if she was actually quite so against it as everyone believes. At one point she even grabs Jaime’s face and kisses him back. My point is, you have to remember that there was a time that Cersei LOVED Jaime. She needed, lusted for, and loved him. and still does. Obviously there’s been a shit storm of stuff going on lately with Joff’s death and Jaime missing a hand, but that doesn’t completely negate her feelings for him (even if she’s been a bitch the whole time he’s been back in KL). The scene in the show was simply shortened than it was in the books. Both versions had Cersei saying “not here, not now” to Jaime (basically). I honestly think that if Cersei was being legit RAPED by Jaime in that scene, meaning that she was completely against having sex with him, she could have easily fought him off. Jaime has one fucking hand. Cersei is a strong woman, clearly not helpless. She can take care of herself. And regardless if Jaime forced himself upon her or not, there are parts of Cersei (no matter how repressed) that wants Jaime as well. I believe that the intent of the show scene was that Cersei believed that it was messed up to have sex next to her son’s body. That’s what she was upset about.